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Tom Schmidt senior portraits

Tom Schmidt

Tom Schmidt Senior Portraits


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I got a press pass for the championship game.  It was a an exciting game and great to photograph in such a bright arena.  Canon 1d mark IIn, 70-200 f/2.8 and 85 f/1.8.

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His Boy Elroy
This a color show of Warrensburg Tigers Basketball 09 with photo by Jerry Schmidt.
All shot with a Canon 1d Mark IIn.  My new favorite lens for shooting basketball is the Canon 85  f/1.8.

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Animoto show with their music, ” The Quickening” by His Boy Elroy.

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Tom Schmidt Photography shoots High Key as a part of many shoots.

Tom Schmidt Shoots High Key

Tom Schmidt Shoots High Key

Tom Schmidt Shoots High Key

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Photographic Education

I made some notes on a great video by Chris Orwig on setting up your printer for printing through CS4.  The interface of CS4 is different from previous Photoshop versions and I was at a loss until I viewed this video.

Printable Version Here

Printing photos video!!

The screengrabs are from the video!!


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Lightroom Presets Tigers Basketball Animoto

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highspeed_sync Canon Flash Jerry Schmidt

High Speed Flash Diagram from Canon Flash Work

Normal flash requires a synchronizing shutter speed or below.  In a synchronizing shutter speed, the first curtain travels to a fully open position, at this point the flash is triggered and extinguishes before the second curtain follows.  When a photograph is taken with a high shutter speed with a normal flash the result will be a partial picture.

Flash is possible with extremely high shutter speed with a setting on Canon Flash that is called – High Speed sync.  High speed sync modes actually are a very fast strobo cycle that paints the exposure as the narrow slit of the focal plane shutter curtain races across the sensor.

Here is an excellent resource for Canon Flash


I just order the new Pocket Wizard

Mini TT1 and Flex TT5: TTL Radio Triggers

These radio slaves will open up a world of radio controlled High Speed TTL flash in bright ambient lighting situations where the built in optical communication between flashes would be difficult.

I am thinking about a 580 flash mounted in a softbox used in full TTL – HS flash at 1/4000 sec at f/2.8.

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