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This is my first fusion product, All the images and the video shot on Canon 5DII.    I downloaded an Animoto and cut it up and mixed with Video.  It was edited it in Pinnacle Studio 14, a good PC software, that likes the 5dII files without conversion.  This is a big file, uploaded to Vimeo.


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Vincent Laforet was one of the first to get his hands on the 5d2, here he goes with the Canon 1d Mark IV.
This camera will make videos in light so dim you can not see!!

1dmark4, dslr video, photographic education

Here are a couple videos from Canon discussing the new camera.


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This is a quick test shot with the Zaza slider. The slider is a track and carriage system that can be assembled for about $150 from parts available from a top notch company http://www.igus.com/
This company specializes in industrial bearings and rails.
Here are the Parts to order>>
Here’s the order:
WS-16-60 Drylin ‘W’ rail 1000mm
WW-16-60-10 Drylin ‘W’ carriage

There is discussion to infinity on the construction here!!

This tripod mounted slider gives a dolly shot look with a very light and portable system. I have begun to study the looks of camera movements in video and film. The thought process is very different from still shooting, exciting.

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These cameras are game changers and represent a whole new world of opportunities and challenges. I imagine that the photographer of the future will be expected to provide video as well as stills.
We are investing in video related equipment to be prepared to make an early entry into the video production arena. Let your imagination go an think of all the products and services that might be accomplished with such a capable camera.

This action video was shot last week by Simon Cudby http://www.cudbyphoto.com/

Great new wedding video shot with a 7D by Joshua Brown in New York.

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