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I wonder why this baby is crying??

I think someone called to talk about HEALTH CARE REFORM!!

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Another professor at UCM shared an email from Will Crocket who is a renouned photographer and educator who is the source of the web site Shoot Smarter.com.

“After visiting over 20 college / community college / university photo programs over the past 2 years with the Bogen Cafe tour, I see a BIG problem.  The core workflow that is being presented is not one that will help the graduate get out into the world and use the pro level output tools with success. Here the problem:

Most photography programs are teaching the students to shoot in RAW, then process on either a laptop or an sRGB desktop monitor into the Adobe RGB space.  That’s a workflow that does not provide a screen-to-print match, nor will the sRGB gamut screens allow the students to “see” correct color on-screen.

Next, they are outputting to inkjets using Photoshop and usually using the paper manufactures output profile but they do not have Photoshop setup correctly t use it – so it usually defaults to color “managed by printer” which creates another problem – most photographers that actually generate a profit in the USA use a pro lab to output.

Not one of the colleges I visited addressed this.

It’s my opinion the core workflow model for college students is sRGB all the way and output to a pro or “semi pro” lab as the primary workflow, then address the “fine art” Adobe RGB workflow as an alternate only – but once the students are in control.

Academia is producing thousands of graduates that are simply out of control when it comes to producing color that they control.  Customers want to have good color and creating good color is easy when you follow the right guidelines.  I think we need to develop and present the correct guidelines.”

I sent an email to Will asking him to clarify a question I have…….

On Mar 10, 2010, at 12:29 PM, Jerry Schmidt wrote:


I have a quick point of clarification on this topic.  If you shoot in raw with the camera set to sRGB and a need for the Adobe RGB comes up, is the resulting export to Adobe RGB equal to a file that is shot in raw with the Adobe setting selected in the camera?

Yep!!  Same thing – zero difference.  That’s what’s SO cool about RAW files.

Glad I could help bud!


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Tom made a new slide show with our upgraded Proshow Gold 4.0  Software.  It produces a HD file optimized for Vimeo.  The web based show looks great.  This wedding will be published in the KNOT magazine in the fall of this year.  This book as all our books is designed using Lumapix Fotofusion.  That software really help speed up the design phase of our wedding work and a big plus is that it will output a layered photoshop file for additional editing.  You can see how turning the layers on and off were used in this show.

Tom and Jerry Wedding Photography

Check it out in HD and full screen!!!

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