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AB MAX – Here is an announcement of new products made on the Alien Bee Discussion Forum

  • Eight stop power range.
  • Digital controls.
  • Plug in slot for Cybersync.
  • Brighter modeling light.
  • Built in diffuser makes for precise viewing as it unifies the modeling light and flash tube.
  • Global power options.
  • Ability to run on low cost inverter/battery combination.

“Introducing AB MAX. This product line was developed to take
AlienBees above and beyond the very highest performance monoflash
units offered anywhere at any price. Please see attached pictures and
specifications for the global plug and play product line. Please note
that ABMAX can be powered by inexpensive non pure-sinewave inverters
and that it uses approximately ½ the battery power per flash as
conventional flash units. We are in final testing stages of pre-
production AB MAX units now and expect to begin taking pre-orders on
June 1 and begin shipping products on July 1.”

The New AB MAX

The New AB MAX


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Originally uploaded by Carrillo Photo

From: Joe Miller [mailto:Joe@CarrilloPhotography.com]
Sent: Sunday, April 26, 2009 10:10 PM
To: Jerry Schmidt
Subject: RE: What Flash Offset settings did you use??

Hi Jerry,

I’ve made hypersync work with two distinct setups. The first one is using a MiniTT1 on my 1DmkIII, and a FlexTT5 on the flash. This works out of the box with an AB1600, an AB800, and a Vivitar 28HV. I haven’t tested specifically with my Sunpak 120j.

The other setup uses the MiniTT1 as the transmitter, with Plus IIs as the receivers. This required firmware adjustments. The first step was to check the “High Speed Sync Disable Mode) box in the sync timing tab. My offset is -1900. I can only get 1/4000s clean.

Basically, when using ControlTL channels, I don’t need to configure anything. It works to 1/8000 out of the box. Using the legacy Plus II channels, I have to customize the firmware, and I can only get to 1/4000, clean. I should also note that I haven’t tried this with my 20D yet.

I shot formals for a Quinceanera yesterday, at noon in the blazing sun, using lots of hypersynced lights. It’s definitely usable. I’m going to post some on Flickr shortly.

Joe Miller
Carrillo Photography
(760) 473-5399

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Originally uploaded by Carrillo Photo

AB1600, umbrella’ed, to camera left.
AB800, 7 inch reflector, to right, filling in the background.
1/4000s @ f/2.8

Flickr post describing how he used the new Pocket Wizard in Hypersync Mode to trigger his Pocket Wizard Plus II units.

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Check out the snooted Canon strobes used to shoot fashion, looks interesting.

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Brian Matsumoto, our long time friend and Canon rep was in town this week to meet a Forum class and just our luck we had an exhibition of Gallery Wrapped prints from our first Canvas Print Workshop.  We made these prints with the Canon imagePROGRAF iPF6100.  This printer was part of a fantastic donation to UCM from the Canon Corporation.

Brian Matsumoto at UCM Canvas Printing Workshop Exhibition 2009

Brian Matsumoto at UCM Canvas Printing Workshop Exhibition 2009

The new twelve color printer made some amazing prints of the students and faculty images.   The participants printed, coated, and stretched these prints as part of the workshop.  I am sure the next time we do this workshop we will have many more participants… the results were amazing.

By the way, I shot this with a with wireless TTL using two Canon 580ex flashes.

Here is an interview with Brian

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Here is a quick shot with the new Mini TT1 Flex TT5 used to trigger a Canon 580exII flash on a stand to the right.  I had to adjust the flash exposure to -1 2/3 to fine tune the High Speed Flash exposure.

High Speed Flash - Jerry Schmidt - JerryCentral

High Speed Flash by Jerry Schmidt

2009:04:15 12:20:34
70-200mm @ 200mm

1/8000 sec, f/5.6

Mode: Manual
Metering: Evaluative
ISO: 400
AF mode: One-shot AF
Drive: Single frame shooting
White balance: Auto
Flash: External E-TTL High speed sync
Flash exp comp: -1 1/3
File size: 11.5MB
Image size: 2912 x 4368
Color space: sRGB
Saturation: Normal
Sharpness: 0
Contrast: Normal
Custom Functions:
Default settings

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