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Lightroom 3 has a real time saving tool to watermark your photos with a logo overlay.

  • The first step is to create your logo in photoshop.  We are going to need a transparent background so keep that in mind.  I am going to make a simple text logo for this example.  Make your logo about 1000px wide.  I made mine in white but you can make it any color you want.  Add a drop shadow to make it show in the light areas of your image.
  • Drag background layer into the trash so you see your logo against a transparent background.

  • Now use the Trim tool to make a perfectly tight crop around the logo!

  • Now use “Save for Web andDevice” and select PNG-24, click Transparency and save.

  • Now we move to Lightroom 3 to export a photo.  Select a photo and Export.  In the Export menu select Watermark…..Edit Watermarks.

  • That will bring up the Edit Watermarks menu.  From this menu we will choose out PNG-24 logo.  Close the text options and work out the details in the Watermarks Effects Menu.  Once you have made a look you like you can save the preset.


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