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I have been shooting panoramas lately and stitching the multiple shot together with Panorama Factory. I bought this software several years back when I was shooting with a Nikon Cool-pix 990. I was pretty satisfied with that combination at the time. More recently I have been shooting a Canon 5d with a homemade panorama bracket that I fashioned out of angle aluminum and an upside down ball head. The combination of great Canon optics and the large pixel count of the 5d have got me excited about shooting panos again. Last week I shot a pano that was a stitching challenge, I set up the camera and pointed a 50mm lens into the woods at Knob Knoster State Park. In this early spring view there was a vast amount of fine detail as I captured every twig in fine detail. This set of files creates quite a problem for the stitching software. The first set I processed with Panorama Factory software had several errors. If you click the picture below it will enlarge this screen grab of two files opened in photo shop.

Panorama Factory and PTgui

The left is the Panorama Factory and the right is the PTgui stitching software. With close examination of this 150mb file, the PTgui was amazing.

This another PT stitching from Las Vegas!! Click the picture twice to enlarge.

PTgui has a window where you can see the control points it is using to do the alignment, points can be changed and added.

Here is another screen grab from the interface….

Here is a finished PTgui stitched pano click it!!!


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Here are the help files for using the Dynamic Photo HDR!!

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I found this post on OpensourcePhoto.net this morning. 

My reading about Blogging has suggested that the new world of the web will be conversational websites and that all websites will be Blogs. 

The traditional web site is too static and not interactive.  It does encourage the visitor to come back to the site.  In addition to that the regular posting and use of tags, categories and strategic text content will move the site up in the Google search much better than a fancy flash website.

 Jessica Claire is a fabulous wedding shooter and constantly leads the way with her business and her shooting.  Take a look at her new Blog/site!!

Hey everyone, I just thought I would share a decision I made today. Well, technically, I made it awhile ago, but it launched just now. I decided to dump my website completely and have only a blog. I added some gallery sections to the blog. Coincidentally, I also rebranded everything I’m doing, but the real biggie for me was getting rid of my website.For the past two years, I would say I’ve been a serious blogger. Due to the blogging (I think), I’ve seen a huge change for the better in my business, and my website fell by the wayside because I was blogging so often that my new fresh work went there instead of on the site. So I figured, why bother with a site anymore?

Anyway, here’s the link to the new blog-site:




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