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Lightroom has a couple of Airtight Engines built into the Web module. This is the postcard viewer module. These photos are from a recent set from Tom and Jerry Wedding Photography. It is very handy to make your selections with Lightroom and to have a gallery creation system built in. It does take a while to process the raw files but the quality is nice with a lightroom conversion. Click the photo below to view the gallery!!


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Erick Beach Health and FitnessĀ 

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SLIDESHOWPRO FOR LIGHTROOM – I have had my face in Lightroom 2.0 lately and with a little reasearch I found that SlideShowPro makes a system that is fully integrated into the Lightroom interface. The SlideShowPro for Lightroom is only $25. Tom and I used an early version of this software to develop our site so it only cost me $10. If you investigate the web module you will see they have included three Airtight products including the popular Simpleviewer.

The installation was simple, but not quite the way they said to do it.

Here is a view of the Web Module after installation.

The next step is to import the templates for SSP. Right click the user templates and select import and install.

CLICK Here is a quick shot at a show I worked on today

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Here are a couple of students from my summer class at UCM. These two shooters pushed their work into some interesting results.

Jackie L. Manetzke did these shots late in the day with a Quantum Q Flash, pretty gritty stuff!!

Phil Campbell showed us a view into his Hip Hop life!!

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