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This is a quick pano I shot with a Canon 5d and a 50mm lens using my homemade bracket. Four vertical shots were processed in Panorama Factory Software.


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I landed on this food /still life shooter Sara Remington.  She is a young photographer with a very artistic and modern vision.  She is working on several cook books and editorial shooting. 

An article at Kodak Professional says this about her

The last thing Remington stresses is the importance of being very focused with your work. “Shooting a little travel, a little still life, a little landscape, then throwing 20 beautiful images together that don’t connect is not only a waste of the photographer’s time, but a waste of the client’s time as well,” she laments. “They will only remember that person as not focused, not sure what they’re trying to do. Someone’s going to look at your work really quickly. You only have so much time to get your point across.”


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Bert Stephani is a professional photographer based in Zaventem, Belgium. 

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