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David Jay the developer of Showit Slide Show software has donated 10 copies of his software to University of Central Missouri Photography Area.  This software is used by thousands of photographers to make flash based website slideshows.  The software is simple to use and our students will find good use for this product in developing their websites.


David also sponsors a wonderful professional wedding photographers discussion forum.  The OpenSourcePhoto is a great place to learn and share, the topics range from technical to marketing and beyond.  If you haven’t had a chance to visit this forum and you are interested in weddings and portraits, you should.

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I am looking for some good tutorials for using Proshow Gold 3.0.   This is a good free tutorial from davrodigital.co.uk  He sells videos but he offers lots of them for free download.  They need Itunes to watch them.

Here the manual for Proshow Gold 3.0  You can download and save to your disk so it is always handy.  It is only 1.81 MB (1,900,544 bytes) on your disc so go for it.

Here is a Forum that has more people working with ProShow and sharing their projects – http://www.proshowenthusiasts.com/index.php

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I just put a folder called FrameTemplate1 You can see it here!  You just get it off the server and put it in your website folder.  Open it in dreamweaver and check it out, keep previewing and use save all not save as until you get the idea.

This is set up for navigation and logo about 250px wide I think that is plenty of web site real-estate for navigation.

Also you may like to look at the Porta gallery link on the working link above.  This is a FREE PC gallery generator.  Download it and give it a try.


Here is a template folder for a TopBottom Gallery it will work nicely with wide display photos etc.   I will take the link for the porta gallery off because it will not work after I put it on the server.  It is a simple matter to select your navigation graphics and browse to the INDEX inside the Porta Album. Them select mainFrame as target and its all good.


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I am on the search for a wide single column theme for a wordpress blog.  I found this one over the weekend and set up a quick blog on my schmidtphoto2 server.  Installing the wordpress software took some fooling around.  Here is a link for some help on how to do it on a GoDaddy account.


The theme is RockinSuckerfish and there is a link at the bottom of the blog.

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We have had a maddening time trying to be successful posting the Soundslides shows on the CMSU2 server.  I am not an expert on the server technology that is involved, but I was successful posting on the server last Friday.  I moved the whole project folder to the server after I removed the raw folder out.  And it WORKED!!


The raw files contains large jpegs that are not needed for the slideshow to work and will unnecessarily fill up your server space.  If you are still fighting this battle give this a try and let me know.

On my GoDaddy account I have not needed to post more than the publish_to_web folder, don’t ask me.

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Several students have acquired hosting for their web site.  A popular source for this is Go Daddy.  Students may be advised that they should acquire a Domain Name early in their career and GoDaddy has free hosting to get started.

Dreamweaver is a great software for designing and managing the files of a website.  Here is how the Remote info is filled out for my go daddy site.


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