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Tom and Jerry Wedding Photographers

Perfect Wedding Bridal Show Display

Kansas City Wedding Photography

Tom and Jerry Schmidtphoto.com

Kansas City Wedding Photography, Jerry Schmidt

Jerry Schmidt Wedding Photographer

Kansas City Bride


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Tom and Jerry Wedding Photography

Here are some prints on the floor after they where coated.  We are making Gallery Wrapped prints for our display at the Perfect Wedding Bridal Show in Overland Park Kansas.  These prints where made using a custom profile that Breathing Color produced for our machine.  I think they look improved over their stock profile.


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New Pocket Wizard products announced at WPPI


There has been some development along the lines of Radio controlled TTL flash lately but this development by Pocket Wizard looks like a very important product.

HYPERSYNC – camera-to-flash pre-chatter OH MY!  I don’t think we are in Kansas anymore!

OK, here is a little more fun with Pocket Wizard!!  30 frames a second!

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jerrycentral basketball

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