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I am just getting tuned into the fact that ProShow Gold now has a output option for YouTube HD.  This is a quote from their website….

New YouTube HD Output

Watch your slide shows on YouTube in High Definition! Simply upload your show from ProShow Gold to YouTube and it will stream at 720p HD resolution online.

Here is a link to a photodex HD show made in Producer, I assume that the results would be similar to the proshow gold.

Below is a new Wedding album that I designed over the Christmas break.  I used the Fotofusion software to layout the pages, it is very fast and totally different from doing the same job with photoshop.  We just ordered a great expensive book of this project from Zookbinders.

I am going to post this same HD video on our wedding blog to see how it behaves at a larger display.  By the way I adjusted the display by using the code below.


This content may take a while to load, it is intensely HD.  Check out a full frame view by clicking the button next to the sound control on the player.

I have a medium speed connection and I have to hit the pause button and wait.


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Tom and Jerry Wedding Photography and Jerry sat down and designed an album using Fotofusion software.  The process is kind of fun but it took a couple days in front of the computer.  I think I could get faster and better with practice.

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