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I wanted to share some great work from a couple of student at UCM.

First the work of Tyler King.  He builds drama and finds subtle beauty in his recent work.

Check out this great set of Images by Whitney Barker who just graduated this month!

Precision lighting with a great sense of style.

Now lets see the newest work from William Hacker

Quiet Intensity!


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Here is a great video showing how to shoot football with the 7d.

Patrick commented on the Vimeo Site.

“I am really trying to push what I am calling “hybrid assignments,” where I get to pick stills or video when one makes more sense than the other… it’s just a two-button push to be in the other world now, so why have walls at all? Most of my clients are not on that page yet, but I’m trying.”

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Tom and I shot this poster for my son Tyler’s Team.  We uses the 5d at full res and as many as 7 lights including a ring light fill.  Lisa Schmidt designed the poster so it was a real family affair.

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Beautiful and Moody short video shot by Joshua Brown.

Technical Info:
24. 1.4
50 1.2
24-105 f4
Edited in Final Cut, graded with Magic Bullet Looks
shot in the pre manual exposure era

I am just starting to get the idea of what a powerful tool the Magic Bullet Looks is.  I am just guessing but I think the selective focus in Joshua Browns video is accomplished with Magic.  There is actually a tilt shift option built in to the plug in.


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