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Jerry Schmidt - Tom and Jerry Wedding Photography Kansas City

Wedding Photography Contract

A comprehensive and well designed contract is important for both the photographer and the bride.  The process of completing and reviewing a wedding contract with your clients will inform and reassure all parties. Going over the specifics of the agreement will give you an opportunity to get familiar with the itinerary of the day and have your professional input on the photography needs such as time needed, locations etc.

Good wedding photography contracts have evolved over the years to cover potential problems.

Elements of a Wedding Photography Contract

  1. Name and contact information for Photographer and the Bride/Groom.  Collect lots of info including emails and cell numbers for the Bride and Groom and others.  You never know when you are following the Limo on the way to the reception and you need to call the Bride.
  2. Dates, Locations, and Times for Wedding and Reception and all locations that are needed for the day.
  3. Details of the wedding party, number of bridesmaids and Groomsman plus ring bearer and flower girls.  This will give you an idea of how big your group shots will be.
  4. Details of the package including time on the wedding day and also products that is included in the package.
  5. Payment Schedule
  6. Cancellation Policy
  7. Limit of Liability
  8. Ownership of files and copyright statement
  9. Exclusive photographer
  10. Signatures

For years we uses a preprinted form from NEBS.  It had all the elements and came in a three part form so you only signed once.

You can review several Wedding Photography Contracts here http://wedding-photographers-directory.com/contracts.aspx

Jerry Schmidt - Tom and Jerry Wedding Photography Kansas City


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I have been walking to work lately and listening to lots of content from audio books to classical music.  I picked up a CD by the Ahn Trio last year because I liked the cover.  Here is a video of the photo shoot of the cover shot with a famous fashion photographer Arthur Elgort Here is a link to his Site.  I have always enjoyed classical music, and I am always looking for challenging new work.  This music is beautiful and new! Check it out!!

By the way, they played at UCM last year while I was home blogging.

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Kansas City Wedding Photography sample of Tom and Jerry Schmidt Wedding Photography

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We are using iframe code to embed our content into our website pages.  This code will embed any page that is online.  I have been experimenting embedding content on my self hosted blog Schmidtphoto2.com/wordpress.  I posted an example where I embedded JerryCentral.com in a post.  Click Here!!! In this case I set the width to 750px and the height to 200px, scrolling yes!!

This will not work with a wordpress hosted blog, at least for right now.

Here is a clean no pop up code generator!

So now, how do you make use of the code??

We are creating galleries with Lightroom, Soundslides, Showit and other software.  Each one of the will generate a folder with the necessary components to make the gallery work.  We should be aware that there is a common element in each of these folder and that is the index.html.  The index is essentially the homepage for the gallery.  Here is what the address for the gallery used in this example looks like http://www.schmidtphoto2.com/sspmodel1/index.html.  Name your galleries so they make sense and you know what is in them.  In this example the gallery folder is called sspmodel1.

Step by step to embed a IFRAME on your Dreamweaver Web Page.

  1. Generate gallery
  2. Upload the complete gallery to your server
  3. Browse to your gallery as it is online now, and copy the address of the gallery.
  4. Paste the address into the code generator and specify the dimensions that you need for your layout.
  5. Copy the code
  6. Open the page that you want to embed the gallery into.
  7. Click the SPLIT view button so you can see the code and the design mode top and bottom.
  8. Click the location where you want place the IFRAME in the design view and you will see the insert bar location in the code view
  9. Paste the code into the location in the code view.
  10. Upload your Page and make it visible!!


This is a test site I have been experimenting with!!

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