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I did find out that WordPress does not support embedding flash on their free hosted sites.  I was able to get it to work on our SchmidtPhoto Blog that we host ourselves.  I worked with Joe at soundslides and he has created a utility for blog embedding. I did however discover that I had to click the “ol” button before and after I pasted the code that the utility created. 

Here is the link for the word on it from WP


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I was poking around a bit and found a LA photoblog  site with lots of links to LA shooters, could be fun!!

While I am thinking of it here is a link to lots of portrait wedding photographers’ blogs on opensourcephoto.

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You can use any of your work that you are proud of from any course work or personal shooting.  You may have additional writing that you have completed for any class or appropriate personal writing.  Remember that this is a professional blog.  I have included some posts about bread making and photographic lighting in my personal blog, Jerry Schmidt Photographer.

For your photos you will need to size your photos to fit your blog and make sure that you “Save for web” in photoshop.  Experiment with the size to get a look that you like.  This photo is 510px wide.


This photo is 620px wide.


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This is an assignment for the business class in the the photography area at UCM.  Each student will be required to complete a professional photography blog as part of their class.

Here is what will be requires for a completed project:

  • All blogs will be produced on wordpress so that we can share our discoveries about professional blogs.
  • Each student should select a theme that allows for a custom header.


  • A custom header will be developed in photoshop to fit the selected theme.  The theme will let you know what size the file needs to be as you see in the screen grab below.  My blog requires a custom header of 730 wide by 180 tall.  To make a custom header for my blog I will need to make a new document in photoshop to be that pixel dimension.


  • All blogs will contain a Blogroll including all the students in the business class as well as 5 links to professional photography web sites.
  • Students will post a minimun of 5 post with a minimum of 5 images content.  Tags should be included for each post, all post will include UCM, photographic education, photography, and your name as a tag.
  • Each blog will include several pages that will include: 1. About,  2. Portfolio,  3. Professional Photographer interview,  4. Resume.


  • Each blog will contain a minimum of two slide shows created at Slide.com and inserted in a post or on a page.
  • Lets get started!!

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