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Here is a great piece of video shot with the Canon 5d Mark2.  I discovered this work over at the Cinema5d.com forum.  I have joined this forum to learn about this new world of motion and video.

The Canon 5d files are a bit of a problem with PC computers and software.  I have burned lots of hours lately trying to be successful with handling the 5s files.  My most recent solution is to use Adobe Premiere Pro CS4.  There is a system to import the files directly into the time line and hit enter and Premiere Pro make a Proxy file automatically for you.  Every other solution locks up or crashes my maxed out PC computer.

I am shooting video as well as stills at our weddings lately but I have nothing to share just yet.  I am finding plenty of things to learn about though!!


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Videos shot with Canon 5d Mark 2 by

Jean-Sébastien Monzani

He is a Swiss and French self-taught freelance photographer.  Visit his portfolio at jsmonzani.com or simplemoment.com for more photos and films.

Lausanne, Switzerland

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