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I shot these photos for Ron and Carol at TheBeadShoppe in Jeff City MO. 

I used my 5d and Dynalite 500 and 3 heads in softboxes.








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I have been looking for a book on Dreamweaver.  I have spent considerable time reading reviews on Amazon.  The book I came up with is this!


I visited Dave McFarland Site and found some useful links.  One that looks particularily interesting is this COLORS ON THE WEB site.  Really a great resource for photographers who want to use color in their website and blog.


I looked around a bit more and found this resource from Adobe – KULER


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This a response to a post on Opensourcephot.net    There are regular discussions about which new bounce thingy will bring a photographer enlightenment.  Be sure that photographers love to buy stuff for that MAGIC quality of light!!  Ok here is a great example of that!


But first here is the original video with complete instructions for how to make your own BETTER BOUNCE.  We just made one change in his approach in that we attach with Velcro.

Ditch the Fong!! (This refers to Gary Fongs bounce gizmo)  We use the better bounce and attach with Velcro. I put two strips of the Velcro soft side around the top of the flash and three 1 ½ inch pieces of the hook side on the foam. This makes a very versatile set up and never falls off. I would never own another expensive gizmo for my flash again. This is the best!

And don’t just think that you should attach to the back of your flash; I often put it on the front and throw the majority of the light to a wall or to left or right ceiling. What you get is a very soft directional light.

If you have 3 bucks and a scissors, give it a try. The foam is stinky when it is new and seems to resist the Velcro stick but if you leave it out for a while (so it off gasses) the Velcro will stick real good. Take a look at any of our weddings in our online store and you will see the results. Our Fong fell off last year and we never got another one.

This is how we set it up for throwing the light toward a wall.

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A few of my friends at the University are Retiring and I went over for their reception yesterday.  I shot my 5d and a 580ex flash with a Better Bounce card at ISO 800 and f/4.  Pretty amazing that you can bounce flash a 30+ foot ceiling.  The exposure was quite consistant and good in full ettl.  I am trying to get the flickr thing going so I uploaded a set to flickr 



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 Michelle Moore Photography

I wanted to share a link for a photographer that is doing some things right, Custom WordPress Blog, great shooting and modern marketing!!  She has moore than one site to promote her different types of business.  Be sure to look at her Flickr slideshows.   She can be seen contributing to OpenSourcePhoto.net, that might be a good place to see you!!



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This is from a blog by Tim Ferriss

Everyone can use this info. If you tie this too loose it will be a very big knot and you will look like a goof. Tall guys may do better with a half windsor, here is a good diagram for the half windsor

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Make your video in proshow and select create a Video File as you see below.

I made this show without transitions to make it run more smoothly.


I created a WMV file and uploaded it to Youtube.  After it loaded I copied the embed code.youtubeembed.gif

Then I went to a new new post on wordpress and clicked the code button.  The I clicked the “i” button and pasted the code and then clicked the “i” button again.


and here is how it looks!!

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