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Here is a video we showed at Tyler’s basketball banquet.  I used a preset that I found for a 300 look and used a bit of the soundtrack music to make this show.  Here is a great site with an extensive set of resources for Lightroom! http://inside-lightroom.com/index.php

 Proshow now has a one click option to make the videos and upload to Youtube!!


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Interesting controversy about a cover done by Annie Leibovitz hit the news today.  For the photography student it is interesting how the poetry of subject pose, expression, attitude plays to cause such controversy.  Also, the context of history plays here in the interpretation of this photo.  When we view photos we bring a vast history of images to bear on the interpretation of the photograph.  Do you think this was a natural accident or was Leibovitz actually producing a King Kong image?  Take look at the details of their dress and and expression and interaction, what does it mean?

Too often, black athletes are presented as angry, overly aggressive and overly sexual. Or sometimes, they’re just plain emasculated.


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Here are some links for you books that will be your FINAL assignment and portfolio.

http://www.blurb.com/  Blurb is and interesting company with the option to self publish and sell your work after you create a book the pricing is good.  The books can be completed using their own software to design or you can design your pages outside and place completed pages.

http://www.lulu.com/  Similar to Blurb for self publishing and selling.  Photos can be added by Simply loading them from your computer into The Lulu Studio™ and, by dragging and dropping, arrange them and rearrange them until they’re in just the right order and position.  Looks like a book is $25 for a twenty page book.  This company uses an on-line software and does not requite a you to download or install software.

http://www.shutterfly.com/  I have used this company and the turn around time was good and the quality was OK.  On-line design software similar to LULU.

http://www.mypublisher.com/  Here is another company that will print your book.  Several students have used this company over the last couple years.  Looks a little more expensive that the other companies.

All these books can be printed for about $25+. 

You should spend some time creating a test book with each of these companies and review their pricing and sizes and production time.  You can create the book and not publish or print so you can share it or review it. 

Your book can be a theme or break it up into sections to feature different shoots. 

The minimum is 20 pages for this assignment.

Here is a 12×12 book that I am making for the Warrensburg Tigers Basketball Team

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 I have been shooting my Canon 5d and a home made pano bracket to record some multi shot panos.  I am still using Panorama Factory software. 

Here is a Flickr Show!!


Here are a few from Las Vegas when we were at the WPPI convention.  The tungsten white balance against the darkening blue sky is dramatic.


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I have been shooting my son’s basketball games all year.  Lisa used some lightroom techniques to sort through 70 gigs of files.  We designed the book in Fotofusion.


Here is the Flickr Slideshow.

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