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Video shot with a xf300 Canon Camera.


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I had an opportunity to be part of the press pool for this event in Osawatomie Kansas this week.  I shot this video with a 5dII and a 300mm 2.8 IS lens.  For the sound I used a Rode Videomic  hooked into the camera.  I also brought my Zoom H4n recorder to back up the sound.  Well I have never been involved in this level of news event and I was unaware that line level XLR connections for the PA were all across the media platform.  I could have connected the Zoom H4n and recorded perfect sound if I just brought a XLR cord which I left at home.

The 5dII will only record 12 minutes at a time so I had to split it up a bit and I used 3 8gig cards which also caused a break in the video.  I edited this in Premiere Pro CS5 to create a HD video.  Just a note, the rendering of the 51 minute HD video took a long time, about 5 hours and then it took a very long time (like 8 hours) to upload to Youtube.


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