The press release!

Monday, March 5th, 2012

 Kansas City, MO * 12:00 PM CT/1:00 PM ET – First Lady Michelle Obama will arrive at Kansas City International Airport where she will be greeted by Missouri Army National Guard service members and their families.  Among those greeting Mrs. Obama will be Sergeant Jeremy Neece, who joined the Missouri National Guard in 1997.  Sergeant Neece was deployed overseas on three tours of duty, two in Iraq and one in Afghanistan, and awarded the Bronze Star Medal for his exceptional service in a combat zone. Also greeting Mrs. Obama will be Sergeant Ian Rydzel, who, during his 14 years of service in the Missouri National Guard, has deployed as a firefighter to both Bosnia and Iraq.  Rydzel, a school teacher in civilian life, will be joined by his wife Krissondra and four year old son, Declan.


I had an opportunity to be part of the press pool for this event in Osawatomie Kansas this week.  I shot this video with a 5dII and a 300mm 2.8 IS lens.  For the sound I used a Rode Videomic  hooked into the camera.  I also brought my Zoom H4n recorder to back up the sound.  Well I have never been involved in this level of news event and I was unaware that line level XLR connections for the PA were all across the media platform.  I could have connected the Zoom H4n and recorded perfect sound if I just brought a XLR cord which I left at home.

The 5dII will only record 12 minutes at a time so I had to split it up a bit and I used 3 8gig cards which also caused a break in the video.  I edited this in Premiere Pro CS5 to create a HD video.  Just a note, the rendering of the 51 minute HD video took a long time, about 5 hours and then it took a very long time (like 8 hours) to upload to Youtube.


Videos by Jerry Schmidt.  Canon 5dII,  24-105 IS lens and a small video monopod!

This is a shot from a demonstration of using two Q Flash outside on a cloudy day.  You can see just a little bit of kicker on her cheek from the second flash.

Photo by Shayla Lee 2011

Shala Lee, Jerry Schmidt

Below is a shot by Kris Walden shot during an in class shoot with Alien Bees.

UCM Photographic Education

These newborns are photographed by Ashley Huffine for an assignment in Editorial Photograph.  She has a passion for this type of work, Beautiful.

Newborns Ashley Huffine 2011 Photographic Education

Creative work by Cara Johnson, I just liked the drama of this piece.

UCM Photographic education

Here is a good run down on the controls found on hdr pro CS5